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New Website Lets You Virtually Test Drive All Your Favorite Supercars

TwinRev allows you to compare all the cars you'll never be able to afford.

You're at the bar. You're having fun. You're about five beers (and three Jäger shots) in, when some moron tries to tell you that the Countach was faster off-the-line than the 911 Turbo. You try to Google it, but it's just too damn hard to find a site that has all the info you (and that ignorant schmuck) need. Well, thanks to a new site called TwinRev, which goes live next week, this won't be a problem anymore. Simply type in the names of any two supercars—they have data on more than 6,000 of them—and instantly learn which comes out on top in everything from specs to performance to track times to reviews. TwinRev also allows you to search for the best supercar by criteria (top speed, most torque, price), if that's what you need to know.

They call it a "virtual test drive for your dream car;" we call it the ideal way to prove your auto-knowledge dominance. Check out this video they put together comparing a Lamborghini Gallardo to a Ferrari 360 Modena to get in the mood…

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