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The Best-Looking Hippie Car Ever

The road-ripping BMW i8 hybrid plugs in like an electric toothbrush (but does almost nothing to prevent gingivitis).

Remember that hot hippie girl from history class who was environmentally conscious but still shaved her pits? That’s kind of what BMW’s i8 is. (Except you can’t copy off its test.) This electric hybrid, for sale in 2014, is great for city driving but can also burn gas (and tear ass) like any other supercar on the road. Its estimated 87 mpg means trips to gas stations will fade in the rearview. You also won’t have to worry about getting pulled over or stuck in gridlock, because its system is loaded with alerts about speed limits and traffic conditions. Go fast, look cool, and save the environment…You’re Captain friggin’ Planet! 


$123,000 (est.)
Engine: Hybrid electric/three-cylinder gas TwinPower turbo
Horsepower: 354
0–60 MPH: 4.5 seconds