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The Cars of Tomorrow

Keep drooling: you can't buy these high-tech concept cars...yet. Instead, view their frills as stepping-stones to the flying-car future.

In terms of “multiple places we could hide a gerbil”, we give this car nine out of ten.

A carbon-fiber body means that, in car terms, this compact concept is light enough to be measured in Olsen twins. The upshot of this auto-motive anorexia: The 4C can go 0–62 in under five seconds despite a relatively small four-cylinder,
200-plus-horsepower engine. 
Crazy rating: 2. This two-seater is no unicorn—it’s slated to go on sale in 2012.



If this ever actually goes on sale, we’ll eat our hat (we wear chocolate hats a lot at Maxim).

A 3D heads-up display makes driving this Beamer feel like a video game. It uses augmented reality to layer route info right onto the road. The KITT-like car is even loaded with sensors that scan for danger and obstacles, making it easy to steer clear. 
Crazy rating: 7. In the short term you’re more likely to catch a ride on a dragon.



So there is a Transformer worse than Perceptor

More kart than car, this two-wheeled electric people-mover is basically an overgrown Segway, literally—it uses a Segway’s gyroscopic sensors to stay steady. A submarine-like sonar system detects obstacles and hits the brakes. 
Crazy rating: 9. On the plus side, whoever drives this tiny transporter is obviously trying to compensate for absolutely nothing.