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The Maxim RPM Awards

Best Dignified Monster: Bentley Continental GT Speed

Just when you thought you’d had enough of the Brits with their Olympic Games and royal penises, the fastest Bentley ever (it tops out at 205 mph) rolls along. While retaining its high-end hallmarks—we’re pretty sure the seats are made from the same leather as Jesus’ baseball glove—the luxury brand goes all out with a 6.0-liter W-12 engine that delivers a 12 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over other Continentals, with no compromise in performance.

Best Car to Buy When You Win the Lottery (Twice): Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Twelve cylinders and close to 750 horsepower on an aluminum-alloy frame. Racecar handling. Zero to 60 in a blazing three seconds. A body and cockpit sexier than Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest girlfriend. Sure, you could buy a nice five-bedroom with the F12 Berlinetta’s estimated $330K sticker price, but unless a couple of Leonardo’s other girlfriends are waiting for you in one of those bedrooms, the Ferrari is going to be a lot more fun.

Best Ferraris For Under $30K: Subaru BRZ  /  Scion FR-S

The love children of a joint venture between Subaru and Toyota, the BRZ and FR-S are virtually identical rear-drive sports cars that stick to the road like a wad of Juicy Fruit on a hot day. That’s due mostly to a very low center of gravity and a svelte curb weight of just over 2,700 pounds. Both cars are powered by Subaru’s 2.0-liter Boxer engine equipped with Toyota’s direct-injection system. At 200 horsepower, the G forces won’t push you back into your seat, but the real fun comes when tossing ’em around on twisty roads while cranking through the tight six-speed gearbox. But even on a 1,200-mile highway road trip, we never found ourselves wishing for more horses. You’re not going to find a sports car in this price bracket that offers more smiles per mile.

Scion: $24,200
Engine: 2.0-liter four- cylinder (both)
0–60: 6.4 seconds; 6.2 seconds
Top Speed: 139 mph; 137 mph

Best Italian Car Disguised as a U.S. Family Compact: Dodge Dart Rallye

We can’t remember the last time someone pulled up beside us and said, “Great-looking car!” when we were in an American compact. It happened twice while we were testing the new Dart Rallye. The little Dodge’s platform is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and that Italian heritage shows. Powered by a frisky 1.4-liter turbo, its ride is nimble and smooth. This is a four-door compact you won’t feel like a dork driving.

Best Image Makeover: Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Apologies to Jay Leno, but it’s time for hack comics to stop making jokes at Hyundai’s expense. The 2013 Genesis is well-built, budget-friendly, and a pleasure to behold all around, with LED taillights and a newly designed front end on the outside and Bluetooth hands-free calling, USB, and iPod connectivity sprucing up the cabin. A five-second 0–60 and a nearly 150 mph top speed — all for under $30K — confirm that this car ain’t no punch line.

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