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The Sexiest Debuts of the Detroit Auto Show

We hit Motor City to find our new automotive obsessions. Mission accomplished!

Maxim spent two days on the floor of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit eating free food, ogling booth babes, and—oh yeah—checking out the all the hottest new rides on the planet. There were literally hundreds of cars from all over the world at the show, and we stuck our nosey, new-car-smell-loving noses in almost all of them. When we left Motown—after finally getting that damn Eminem song out of our heads—three pieces of automotive perfection stood above all the others. Want to meet them?

Audi RS 7

Yeah, it's a family sedan, but it's a family sedan that can hit 189 miles per hour. Honey, strap in the kids!

Acura NSX Concept

Even though it's still a few years off from production, we couldn't not include this Japanese beast. Why? Look at it.

Corvette Stingray

We already told you how much we love the seventh generation of America's most iconic car, but we just wanted to tell you again.

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