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The Walking Dead 100th Issue Hyundai Elantra GT Zombie Survival Edition

Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

The Fat Geeky Guy checks out the anti-zombie vehicle.

The Pitch: It’s billed as “The Ultimate Zombie Survival Machine” designed by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead.

What It Really Is: Typical. Who fends off Zombies with a Hyundai? The same guy goes for a baseball bat when flamethrowers, machine guns and grenade launchers are readily available! I respect the environment and I’m sure the Hyundai Elantra gets fantastic gas mileage, but if I’m one of the last people on an Earth covered in zombies, I’m going STRAIGHT for a M1 Grizzly. Fuck my carbon footprint. Press-ready Blurb: “Don’t Hyun-die on the zombie highway – get an Elantra!” –

Who’s It For: Seriously green Zombie survivalists and people without a lot of friends (it’s a 2 door). It’s also for people who live in places where large, tough, man-type vehicles have been banned - like LA county.

What’s Extra Cool: The machetes built into the center console are a plus for cutting through thick zombie skulls, and the net-shooting system in the trunk is perfect for all your high-speed netting needs.

What’s Missing: 2 more doors. How am I going to scoop up the hotties who have survived the initial attack? Also, they should work on the side view – the gladiator-style wheels just aren’t cutting it….(rim shot)


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