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Trick Shot Videos Get An Upgrade With Speeding Cars

In fact, there's not many things we can think of that fast cars don't make better.


There’s nothin’ better than tossing around the ol’ pigskin with your pals on a warm summer day. Except for when babies wear tiny versions of grownup shoes. That’s pretty great. Or the rush you get when you peel the glue off the back of a gift card. That’s good, too.


Point is, though, throwing a football with friends is a rewarding experience. And from what can be gleaned from the fellas over at Dude Perfect, it’s infinitely more rewarding if you actually have a little bit of talent. In their latest video offering, the trick shot gurus have apparently grown weary of using their own two legs to get around and have instead decided that hanging out the sunroofs of very fast-moving automobiles is preferable for their craft.

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