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Tune In: Speed TV Marathon

Attention all speed demons and automobile enthusiasts: your fairy garage mother decided to pay you a visit. That’s right, the stunning (and apparently winged) April Rose delivers a dream line-up of shows, from crazy car makeovers to crushingly massive monster trunks to the dumbest car crashes caught on camera. The pedal hits the metal this weekend:

Does your shitbox on wheels constantly break down? Do you wish you had more of a clue of how to fix it? Do you want to pimp your ride, but don’t know how to get in touch with Xzibit? Forget X. Find out everything you need to know and more about fixing, enhancing, and customizing cars with Two Guys Garage (1-8 p.m.) and Gearz (8 p.m.-5 a.m.). Two Guys Garage hosts Sam Memmolo, Bryan Fuller, and Kevin Byrd are all-knowing when it comes to cars and will fill you in on everything from wheel balancing to dyno testing . Plus, Gearz host Stacey David can show you a thing or two about upgrading an automobile. Tune in for his how-tos and crazy test drives. Follow their lead and your aforementioned shitbox could turn out to be a real hell-raiser on the road.

Big wheels keep on turning in Monster Jam (12-5 p.m.), the biggest monster truck race to ever hit the small screen. Legendary monster truck team Grave Digger leads the pack, but tune in to see if any other beast on wheels has what it takes to compete with Digger. Finally, get ready for nonstop action—most of it idiotic—in Dumbest Stuff on Wheels (8 p.m.-5 a.m.): It’s the craziest car mishaps ever caught on camera, a collection of video footage that will likely force you to switch gears from couch potato to backseat driver.

Plus, visit the Speed Dream Ride page for further info, a chance to win a dream ride, and more of your fairy garage mother!