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Before this weekend's Crusty Night of World Records, enjoy these daredevils' world records of pain.

Larry Linkogle-

"Once, when I was coming down off a jump, I got impaled by the handle bar, tearing out my spleen and 11 inches of intestine. I lost so much blood that I had to be brought back to life, and had an open hole in my stomach for six months. I've broken more bones than I can remember. One time I was hit in the head with a helicopter (Huey H model military chopper), tearing my frontal lobe from my skull, snapping my ACL, and separating my shoulder. My driver's license was taken away by the DMV because of seizures that I now suffer from the accident that gave me brain damage. I've bounced back from all this to claim a world record in Australia (255 feet on a 250cc bike). Any adventure with Crusty, I'm game!!!"

Robbie Maddison-

"I started jumping motorcycles at age 4, and snapped my first bike in half when I was 5, so I’m accustomed to the injuries that come with this dangerous game we play. I have...

  • Broken my left wrist twice, requiring a hip bone graft to piece it back together

  • Snapped both collarbones twice

  • Broken most of my fingers

  • Punctured both lungs on separate occasions

  • Snapped my right leg in half above the ankle, and now have a rod and plates there

  • Lost the AC ligaments in both knees, so they are really sketchy to walk and ride on

  • Dislocated both shoulders, including the left one just two days ago

  • Fractured my skull about five times

  • Been in a coma twice

  • "Oh, I also broke the C2 vertebra in my neck once trying to jump my pickup truck over some motorcycle jumps. I front-flipped the truck, landing on my head.

    "I'm the current world record holder for the longest distance jumped on a motorcycle (322 feet). I've gone bigger than anyone else in the world, and now I have a faster bike and a new ramp to go even farther on March 29!"

Seth Enslow-

"I've been jumping motorcycles since I was 16 years old. Injuries started with cuts and sprains, and progressed to a compressed back, a separated shoulder, a dislocated wrist, a broken collarbone, a broken femur (twice), and a shattered ankle requiring six screws. Worst, though, was a shattered frontal sinus cavity requiring face-off surgery to remove crushed bone, and the installation of titanium to replace it. The doctors fastened my head back together with 55 staples."

Blake "Bilko" Williams-

"I've been riding motorcycles for 12 years, and have so far broken 19 bones, including: both arms at once, my leg twice, my ankle, ribs, shoulder blade, and humerus. I've also dislocated my shoulder three times and had it reconstructed, and dislocated my knee three times and had it reconstructed twice, using a dead guy's ligaments each time.

"I have had over 20 surgeries on my broken parts to touch them up, fix something, or remove some metal work, and have also bruised my stomach and thrown up blood for nearly a day. People say I’m stupid for getting back on the bike, but even if it wasn't my job, I would still be riding a dirt bike."

The Crusty Demons' Worst Motocross Injuries