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The New "Game of Thrones" Trailer Is Here

It's awesome. And Tyrion Lannister's gonna have one badass scar. 

We knew that Tyrion got pretty banged up in the epic battle of Game of Thrones Season Two, but we had no idea just how epic the scar on his face would be (maybe if we read the books we would, but oh well). We're hoping that Season Three (premiering March 31st) will bring even better burns, harder slaps, and more overall awesomeness for our favorite imp. But until then, here are five more characters made better by their scars.

1. The Joker 

So, no one really knows how that terrifying extension of his mouth came about, but let's be real: The Dark Knight is pretty much just about the Joker's scar. Are we right, or are we right? 

2. Tony Montana 

Say hello to one tiny little eyebrow scar. Without it, there'd be no Scarface. Now let that sink in for a while. 

3. Edward Scissorhands
Ed Scissorhands


Just one look at all the tiny "scratches" on his face, and you knew Eddie could've slashed the hell out of anyone he wanted to. Instead he mostly cut hair, bushes, and ice sculptures, which makes him the creepiest, nicest, scariest, most threatening/non-threatening guy ever. 

4. Lieutenant Aldo Raine

We don't even want to know what they had to do to make Brad Pitt's neck so freaking ugly for Inglourious Basterds, but Lt. Aldo would not have been so badass and brazen without it. After all, killin' Nazis requires some Frankenstein-like stitches.

5. Harry Potter


Well, duh. It glows, it's from Voldemort, and it serves as his logo. And we wish we had one. 

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