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Helpful Hottie: Marycarmen

The 2013 Hometown Hotties finalist takes your questions.

Photographed for Maxim by Carlos Nunez | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 201

How the hell did this twerking thing start?
—James Sanders
The real question is, how the hell do we make it stop?

Can I keep my socks on during sex?
—David Pope
If you’re getting it on with a girl who’s concerned with your socks, she’s probably no fun anyway.

Why do some women become cat ladies?
—Danny Kim
It makes perfect sense to me, considering that cats like to cuddle and they can also take care of themselves.

What is the best anniversary gift?
Aron Sanchez
First of all, be sure to remember the date! Once you’ve succeeded at that, plan something adventurous or try something that’s new for both of you, like skydiving together or taking a vacation in a new city. 

A lot of girls I know wear baggy jeans that make it look like they don’t have any ass. Shouldn’t girls want jeans to make their butts look bigger?
—Sam O’Brien
I frankly don’t understand why so many girls don’t want booties. Curves are sexy, and women should take pride in them.

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