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Video Captures Couple Having Sex While Driving On Highway

Friends don't let friends bang and drive. (But strangers will record it on their camera phone.)

A couple driving east on I-290 was caught boinking while driving. Who knows why they couldn't pull over to have sex on the shoulder like normal perverts. Maybe an R. Kelly song came on the radio. Maybe they misread a bumper sticker as "Hump if you're Horny." Maybe they were so turned on by the minivan's fuel efficiency that they had to have each other RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Whatever the case, they didn't seem to mind a fellow driver capturing it all on video as he drove next to them. Then everyone died in a fiery crash because no one was paying attention to the road*. The end.

*No one actually died, but that would have been a great way for them to learn a lesson!

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