Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

We first caught a glimpse of the divine actress on The O.C., where she hooked up with snobby dudes and dudettes alike. Then she injected herself into our hearts for good as the terminally ill (and terminally bisexual) internist Thirteen on Fox’s smash hit House M.D. Next, she had a breakout of biblical proportions playing a princess in the prehistoric comedy Year One, which boasts Judd Apatow as producer, Harold Ramis as director, and Jack Black as a caveman named Zed.

Black. Ramis. Apatow. Year One has quite the comedic pedigree.
I don’t know how they let me in there. It’s a group of the most incredible comedians of our time, really. I mean the mixture of the Apatow family with Harold Ramis and his classic sense of humor just exploded into this celebration of smart and hilarious humor.

Were you intimidated?
Oh, yeah. But everyone was so encouraging. After my screen test, Jack Black said, “You’re good…a little too good. Be less good, ’cause you’re making me look bad.” I was like, “Yes!” It was an amazing experience that can only spoil you, because then you’re like, “Uh, can I only work with you guys from now on?” I see why they do movies together all the time.

Your character is named Princess Inanna. What’s she the princess of?
I’m the princess of Sodom, which is a great thing to tell Mom and Dad. “Who are you playing this time, sweetie?” “I’m the princess of Sodom!” My poor parents.


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Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde
We first caught a glimpse of the divine actress on The O.C. , where she hooked up...[read more]
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