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10 Greatest Fat-Ass Athletes of All Time

Compiling a list of fat athletes is easy: You simply crack a few El Guapo jokes, slap a photo of John Daly in full belly regalia up top and voilà: Listicle nirvana. But we got to thinking: Which of them triumphed over glandular- and jiggle-related issues to score acclaim, titles, records and endorsement deals with plus-size clothiers?

It turns out that being fat and being an athletic legend are not mutually exclusive. With apologies to William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Robert "Tractor" Traylor, Jared "The Hefty Lefty" Lorenzen, the meat-sweating Fielder family and grand emperor of girth Andre Smith, here are the results of our weighty investigation. Check out the entire list of the 10 Greatest Fat-Ass Athletes of All Time.