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5 Worst Jock Singers Ever

Sure, we hold these guys in high regard in their respective sports, but the adulation ends when they pick up a microphone. After careful deliberation that involved a 12-pack of PBR to dull the ear pain and a well-trained monkey to operate our CD player, we narrowed the list of "singing" sports stars down to these five athletes we've deemed most guilty of noise pollution.

5. John Daly
Remember, we didn't say worst "well-conditioned" jock singers, just jocks. With that, we delve into the legendary hard-livin' golfer's singing chops, which have churned out such gems as "Blue Collar Golfer," "Hit It Hard" and (below) "Go Long or Go Home." And yes, he has a new album: I Only Know One Way. Apparently, that way is bad.

4. Deion Sanders
In 1995, "Neon" Deion, the part-time baseball/football player, completely fell in love with his own awesomeness and decided he was great at everything. And he was way wrong. Don't believe us? Just try to make it through "Must Be the Money."



3. Shaquille O'Neal
Here's how we imagine his singing/rapping career beginning: Shaq got a Casio for Christmas with a hand-clap and high-hat button on it. He started playing it while rapping, his family heard him, and they said, "Wow, you're so good. You should do an album." Unfortunately, he didn't hear them snicker afterward. Really, it's the only logical explanation for this "I Know I Got Skillz" video.



2. Jeff Conine
For the former MLB player who attempts to sing "Plush," we have one question: Dude, why?



1. The 1985 Chicago Bears
They only put out one song. Thank God. And it was so especially bad that it's still stuck in our heads 25 years later. But it's not No. 1 just because it's horrible from beginning to end. No, it's No. 1 because not one player on the entire team could sing, even accidentally. And don't get us started on their dance moves.