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Buffalo Bills’ Marcell Dareus Arrested After Suspected Drag Race

It is the Pro Bowler's second brush with the law in a month.

For some reason when we think of guys street racing for pink slips, we don’t picture 340-pound defensive tackles. Sure enough, though, it was the Bills’ supremely talented but trouble-prone Pro Bowler Marcell Dareus who climbed out of a wrecked 2012 Jaguar after a suspected drag race the other day in Hamburg, New York, not far from Ralph Wilson Stadium.

This comes with Dareus already facing felony drug charges, and a possible NFL suspension, after he was pulled over for speeding in Alabama last month and found to be in possession of synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Last Wednesday he insisted to The Buffalo News that “I’m not a trouble guy.” But recent events are starting to pile up to the contrary, and threatening to short-circuit an immensely promising career.

Hey, we’re not here to moralize, Marcell. We’ll let justice take its course in the Alabama thing and leave it at that. Moreover, we think you’re a fantastic player, and we don’t want to see your career end with you wrapped around a tree. But since it seems clear you want to go fast, we’d like to point out that the National Hot Rod Association was actually founded to stem the dangerous practice of illegal street racing, to give guys like you a legal and safe outlet for your need for speed.

As a matter of fact, there’s a track in nearby Lancaster, New York, where you can plunk down a few bucks and race your Jaguar without running afoul of the law and endangering the welfare of other motorists, pedestrians, and trees. We recommend you take it there next time a teammate or some wise guy says his Camaro can take your Jag.

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