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Canadiens Lose Bet to Jimmy Fallon, Mascot Wears Rangers Jersey

Humiliation complete.

Several weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon made a bet with the Montreal Canadiens hockey team. The terms were simple: If the Habs won their series against the Rangers, Fallon - a Rangers fan - would wear a Canadiens jersey during a Tonight Show monologue. But if Lundqvist and the gang from New York emerged victorious, the Canadiens would change their Twitter avatar to a photo of Fallon of his choosing for a day, and make their team mascot, Youppi!, disgrace himself by walking around Montreal in a Rangers jersey, and posting the photo evidence to Twitter.

Well, the Rangers won, and the Habs made good on their end of the bet. On Monday night's episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy gleefully revealed the photos of Youppi!, which were posted to the team's official Twitter account, and the results are hilarious. Peruse all 10 below. And next time, maybe don't mess with New York.










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