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College Coaches Hate The Media, Each Other, and Probably You

The college head coach is a very powerful man. Where in the pros it’s all about the athletes and their syringes, the college game is about teaching young student-athletes life lessons through sport. Here is a sampling of the fine men molding, and possibly beating, our young ones into accomplished, upstanding citizens.

Roy Williams, head coach, University of North Carolina

What a gesture of class and loyalty, standing up for the players, students, and fans of Kansas. Too bad he left them for Carolina before Bonnie Bernstein could take out her earpiece.

Bob Knight, head coach, ESPNU

It’s all on display here: the basketball knowledge, the demand for effort from his young players, and the ability to go batshit crazy out of nowhere and put the fear of god into the surrounding film crew.

John Chaney, former head coach, Temple University

You want to show your kids that you are willing to fight and scrap all the way to the championship. Or at least all the way to the opposing team’s post-game press conference.
Jim Boeheim, head coach, Syracuse University

Give him credit for defending his player. Also give him credit for doing so with the grace and subtlety of a young Andrew Dice Clay.

Geno Auriemma, women’s head coach, University of Connecticut

Physically attacking a woman? Who does he think he is, an NFL player?

Gary Williams, head coach, University of Maryland

We’re not sure if we’re interpreting this correctly, but apparently he wanted Papa John to set up behind the three-point line. Maybe he should’ve recruited The ‘Noid instead?