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Cuban Gets Smoked

Cuban_blog.jpgThe interwebs are all a-flutter over Mavericks owner Mark Cuban getting charged with insider trading. (Not a good month for "Mavericks.") Reports began to surface on Monday morning that the Securities and Exchange Commission was dropping Cuban into the proverbial hot water on account of him dumping more than $750,000 in stock after receiving private information. (Deadspin breaks it down a little better.)

Now, you can chastize the guy for putting nearly a million dollars worth of faith into a company called, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Not enough children lost in supermarkets have Internet access, yet. Personally, we're wondering why sports fans are so shocked? Have we already forgot the lessons of just one year ago?

Cuban and the Mavericks landed in David Stern's doghouse after trying to pull a deal in which Jerry Stackhouse would've come back to the team after orchestrating a buyout with the Nets. It's all very technical, but what it all boiled down to was an attempt at an illegal trade. Let that set in. An illegal... trade...

Now that we're all clear on that, let's throw Cuban a bone. The guy may have knowingly broken the rules, but hey, at least he knows the rules. More than we can say about others in the sporting world...

Photo by James Duncan Davidson/O'Reilly Media, Inc.