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Davidson College Just Had the Best Week Ever.

tommy_davidson.jpgThe Davidson Wildcats are now in the Elite Eight. At a school with just over 1,700 students, that’s kind of a big deal. And the student body knows it. Here are just a few of the perks of being a student, player or—shit, even their janitors have it good these days! 

- Last Sunday, Davidson, Davidson College, Davidson University, and Davidson Wildcats were four of the 11 most-searched terms on Google.

- Since Davidson beat Georgetown, their admissions office has had a 1,200 percent increase in transfer inquiries.

- One Wildcat received over 1,800 friend requests on Facebook this week.

- The college paid for 350 students to take seven buses to the Wildcats’ Sweet 16 Game (and watch it).

- REM acknowledged the Wildcat’s existence—and the fact that they can play ball!—on their website.

- The average daily sales at the Davidson College Bookstore before Sunday, March 23 were a meager $1,700. Sales on Wednesday, March 26 (the first day "Sweet 16" T-shirts were available): $35,000.

- The general public might actually be able to point out the school's location on a map. Actually, that's not true. We thought they were in Ohio until we Googled them, thus contributing to the first item on this list.