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Drinking and Racing in Scotland


Longing for a little adventure behind your drinking? Then look no further than Scottish whiskey liqueur Drambuie. Long before it became the essential ingredient to the Rat Pack's preferred Rusty Nail, Drambuie was the secret spicy recipe of that regal booze hound Bonnie Prince Charlie. An exiled Jacobite, Charlie raised an army of Scotsman to help him reclaim the throne of England, but somewhere on the way to London he was seriously defeated by the red coats and fled to the rugged Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands. Traversing the island's craggy peaks and deep valleys, the rogue Prince was on the run for months before finally taking sanctuary with local character Captain John MacKinnon. In 1746, in return for the kind hospitality, he gave MacKinnon his secret recipe and -- bam! -- Drambuie was created.

Now you too can take part in the legend. Each spring, Drambuie hosts a 100-mile adventure race roughly tracing the steps of its outlaw creator Bonnie Prince Charlie. Beginning on the Isle of Skye with a speedboat relay, competitors make their way south over the rugged terrain by foot, rope, mountain bike, raft and off-road buggy. Entries are still being accepted until December 31st, and this year's celebrity guests include Seann William Scott, better known to you and I as Stifler. Teams of four are welcome to enter on Drambuie's site, and if selected you'll receive an all-expenses paid trip to Edinburgh, Scotland and the surrounding highlands, where you're sure to drink, eat haggis (yuck) and thoroughly punish your body.

Check out Maxim's video from last year's competition.