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With the winter months already here, there's no better way to enjoy the outdoors than hitting the slopes. We figure, if we're going to embarrass ourselves by falling on our asses, we might as well try and pickup some ladies while they ski by us. Here are the ladies we're keeping our goggles out for, and hoping we can hang in the lodge with...if not just get some personal lessons from.

Hannah Teter

Silvia Mittermueller

Michelle Parker

Kari Traa

Julia Mancuso

Torah Bright

Karina Hollekim

Kaitlyn Farrington

Sarah Burke

Leanne Pelosi

Chanelle Sladics

Grete Eliassen

Ingrid Backstrom

Stephanie Koehle

Gretchen Bleiler

Elena Hight

Molly Aguirre

Kristi Leskinen

Hottest Snow Bunnies