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How To: Rule in a Hockey Fight

Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton helps you handle yourself on the ice.

Photo: Getty | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Bros Before Teeth
“Instigate to stick up for your teammates or for yourself or to change the momentum of the game. If you think getting punched in the face will give your team a spark, that’s part of the job.” 
Find Your Match
“The other team always has an enforcer. If you’re hurt, turning him down depends on the extent of your injury. If it’s blatant, you can pick up a fight the next time your teams meet.”
“The stick goes down and the gloves come off. You need to grab your combatant to keep your balance. And forget about pulling jerseys over each other’s heads. We can’t take them off on the ice anymore now that they have tie-downs.”
Be a Gentleman
“Some guys aren’t afraid of a solid punch-in-the-face competition. Others are more technical if they have fight training outside of the rink. Just remember there’s no hair pulling, head butting, biting, or gouging allowed.”
Know When to Say When
“Quit when you’re exhausted or step back if you’re clearly on top. If a guy is on the ice, you don’t usually finish him off like you would in a UFC fight.” 

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