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It's April, Let's Finish This Damn Thing Already

It feels like Dick Vitale had hair the last time we saw a tournament game, and we’re just degenerate gamblers looking for a reason to drinking again. Can you imagine how antsy the players must be after a week long layoff? Here’s how we envision the fellas from Kansas, UCLA, UNC, and Memphis passed the time between Regional Finals and National Semifinals.


bored_sized.jpg- Watching the NIT

- Hanging with Matt Leinart

- Hiding from their terrifying coaches

- Hammering out the details of their shoe contracts

- Studying

- Stalking Stephen Curry’s mom

- Masturbating to pictures of Tyler Hansbrough*

- Interviewing for summer internships

- Buying their suits for the NBA draft

- Reading the Maxim Madness blog


*Only applies to Jay Bilas and Tyler Hansbrough