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At Least Dick's Not Wearing the Orange Shorts

At last we arrive to what should be the NCAA’s final arbitrary idiocy of this year’s tournament. Check out this ad from Hooters below. By any reasonable advertising standards, it’s pretty tame. Granted, there’s a great smile, shiny skin and a sexy grip on that basketball—and the girl is pretty hot, too—but there’s nothing in this picture any worse than the short shorts and bikini tops dance teams and cheerleaders are wearing in the Final Four. The NCAA, however, has deemed it inappropriate, and banned it from the official Tournament Program. Said Hooters VP Mike McNeil:

“My understanding is the NCAA had stated they would only consider the ad if we removed the image of a Hooters Girl, which is absurd. That would be like telling General Motors you can advertise but don't show a picture of a car…Sara is a beautiful, intelligent and hard working employee, and we would never consider removing her image from the ad. I am concerned by this last-minute and seemingly arbitrary treatment. The basketball tournament is an important time for our business, and the fact that certain competitors of ours are allowed to advertise and we are not puts us at a competitive disadvantage.”

You mean people don't go to Hooters for the loud, bald, aging jerkoffs? Huh...

PS: Sara's last name is Hoots…seriously.