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Whether it's a fashion statement, a way to handle the winter conditions or just a dare, this grizzled grid-iron gang just doesn't care what their facial hair says about them.

Ben Davidson-

A solid defensive end, he actually gained more attention during an entertainment career after football; this 6'8" monster had roles on M*A*S*H and in Conan the Barberian.

Bill Cowher-

Known for both his chin, angry spitting and finely treated mustache, this surefire Hall of Fame coach continues to show off one of his trademarks as an analyst for the NFL these days.

Aaron Rodgers-

He's one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, but because he was forced to sit behind Brett Favre for three years, we think he was considering a career change to the adult film industry.

Cliff Harris-

He's respected as one of the best free safeties to ever play in the NFL, and with a nickname like "Captain Crash" it's easy to see why. We're only wondering if he wouldn't be even more respected if he changed his nickname to "Captain Stache," though?

Jake Plummer-

"The Snake" sported this hippie look during his days with the Broncos, but maybe he was trying to make his way to Woodstock with his Coldplay cover band, Playing in the Cold.

Joe Montana-

He's debated as the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and with a stache like that, it seems like it's for his performances both on and off the field.

Kyle Orton-

Rockin' the rare neck beard, he looks like he got his start on the Amish playgrounds. It seems like all he does is win, so maybe there's something he knows that we don't about having an itchy neck year-round.

Marvin Harrison-

One of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history, Marv's furry upper lip is a staple of his greatness, and is sure to be on his bust in Canton someday.

Matt Light-

He's a Pro Bowler who blocks for one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but Matt Light might be best remembered for his superstitious playoff beard and long locks.

Mike Holmgren-

Super Bowl victory? Check. Coaching Brett Favre? Check. Being remembered for one of the most legendary staches in NFL history? That's a big Cheesehead check.

Maxim Presents: The Greatest Facial Hair of the NFL