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PTI Adds Insult to Inferiority

tony-and-mike[1].jpgWhat could be worse than having your collective Cinderella hearts broken in the Elite Eight by traditional power Kansas? If you’re this year’s giant-slayer, Davidson, it’s having the gentlemen of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption mock your loss with a cruel April Fool’s Joke. Today, early-evening couch potatoes were treated to sports debaters Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser presenting a March Madness shock: Kansas and Davidson will replay the final 16 seconds of Sunday's game because of a scoring mistake that allowed a Kansas player to keep playing after he had already fouled out.

Wilbon quipped, "Now we see a situation where the mid-major is treated fairly." Kornheiser heartily argued with him for a bit, then revealed that the entire affair was a practical joke.

In the real game, Davidson fought a see-saw battle with Kansas for 40 minutes, before failing in the final seconds to find a decent shot to tie or win the game. Now they have the Bald Ones at PTI taunting them with a second chance at glory. Way to kick Davidson while their down, guys. What do you have planned for tomorrow? A day full of Britney Spears' fat jokes?