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Rock the Mouse: Extra Mustard's Clicksy Awards


Extra Mustard has long been one of our favorite sources for great links, and with good reason. It's the Internet equivalent of a three car pileup, if one car was filled with athletes, another with supermodels, and the last with over-caffeinated Web junkies.

One thing is for sure, though: Nobody compiles a better array of videos, images, and random crap that serve as little oases in the desert that is our work week. That's why it's taken an hour to write this post about the Clicksy Awards—a collection of all the best in women, videos, highlights and bizarre stories from the World Wide Web in 2008. Enjoy Leryn Franco (plenty more images here), check out the videos we posted below, and then vote. Here are the categories: Women, Bizarre Stories, Video, and Highlights.

Best Single Play Nominees:
#1: Back of the End Zone Lateral

#2: Wisconsin High School Linebacker Leaps the Line

#3: Morgan State Circus Catch

Most Embarrassing Fan Moment Nominee:
Phillie Fan Knocked From Street Light with Liquor Bottle