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Sports for Life: Kayaking

Kayaking is not canoeing, okay? In canoeing, the paddler-person kneels and wields a single-bladed paddle; in kayaking, the paddler-person sits on his tush with legs thrust forward and uses a trickier-to-maneuver double-bladed paddle. Plus kayakers happily take on fierce rapids (whitewater kayaking) and huge ocean swells (sea kayaking), usually without anybody alongside them in the vessel. Speaking of those vessels, they're much more than a wedge of plastic: Sleek modern-era kayaks are constructed from fiberglass, metal, wood and rubber as well. And the utility-minded note that kayaking can also be a means to an end. One can paddle his kayak to, say, the fishing hole or to the sissy-boat regatta. Anyway, just think of kayaking as heavy metal canoeing.