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The 5 Best Angry Fan T-Shirts

You have to give it to sports fans - they may be quick to anger, but at least they give their hatred a healthy creative outlet. If not for asshole free agents and overpaid crybabies, we'd be without these amazing ways to wear your heart on your sleeve in style.


Anti-Lebron James

Wear this into a bar in Cleveland and your only decision will be how many free drinks to accept.
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Anti-Brett Favre

Don’t even think about texting a girl a picture of your wang when you’re sporting this shirt. Or Crocs.
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Anti-Alex Rodriguez

This graphic just might make A-Rod cry...into tissues made of $10,000 bills.
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Anti-Sidney Crosby

Show that you’re an ice-hole and good speller at the same time!
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Anti-Ben Roethlisberger

When Big Ben says “go deep,” he means it.
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