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The Best Video Game Sports Reenactments

Sure, Sportscenter is an OK resource for game highlights (assuming, of course, that you only like football, baseball and footbaseball), but it pales in comparison to your NES or PlayStation. That's right, sometimes the best way to capture the drama, passion, and excitement of professional sports is through tiny, pixelated 2-D characters. Here are some of the all-time greatest.



8. Super Bowl XLIV: Tracy Porter's Game-Winning Interception
Tecmo Super Bowl is, rightfully, a central part of all gamers' DNA. So what better platform for recreating the moment when the New Orleans Saints become the first NFL team that plays in a homeless shelter to win the Super Bowl? Tracy Porter FTW.


7. 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Lebron James' Playoff Buzzer Beater
In the '09 Conference Finals, with the Orlando Magic up one game to none, Lebron James tossed up a Jordan-esque three point shot with one second on the clock. The result? The Cavs tie the series and Cleveland finally has something other than Major League II to smile about. Bonus points for the quick shot of Magic coach Stan Van Gundy looking like he just hopped over from Super Mario Bros.


6. Hulk Hogan Betrays the WCW and Joins the NWO
OK, so "sports moment" is pushing it here, but you have to love the work that went into recreating with stiff cartoon characters the actions of stiff cartoon characters. And the passionate play-by-play is astounding—we haven't seen someone get this fake worked up over pre-scripted nonsense since Glenn Beck.


5. 2002 World Cup: David Beckham's Free Kick
England only needed a draw to qualify for the World Cup. Down 2-1 to Greece, the fate of the nation's hooligans rested on the foot of male model and sometime footie player Beckham. A legend - and the movie Bend it like Beckham - was born on this play.


4. 1992 NBA Finals: The MJ Shrug
In the opening game against the Portland Trailblazers, the Bulls' Michael Jordan hit so many three-pointers he amazed even himself. The iconic shrug—you know, the "hey, I'm Michael. Whatyagonnado?"—is here carefully recreated. Skip ahead to the 1:36 mark if you're an impatient louse.


3. 1981 NFC Championship Game: "The Catch"
Joe Montana to Dwight Clark. There are few more iconic moments in football. Clark stretched out with his fingertips inexplicably on the ball, and a post-throw Montana buried under 800-pounds of "Too Tall" Jones. Somehow, Tecmo Super Bowl once again makes this magic moment even moreso.


2. 1980 Olympics: The Miracle on Ice
You'd think that there wouldn't be anything else to say about Al Michaels' legendary call as he, and a nation, watched a scrappy team of American college students knocked off the mighty Soviet Red Army team—and you'd be wrong. NES wrong.


1. The 1986 World Series: Bill Buckner's Shame
Poor Bill Buckner. It's bad enough he's lived most of his life as the most hated man in Boston who wasn't a former King of England, but his legendary blunder—the one that led to the New York Mets shocking the Boston Red Sox in '86—is now being painstakingly recreated by disgruntled fans using RBI Baseball. For sheer craftsmanship, this reenactment is an MVP. It's a long one, but a good one.


BONUS! 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics: Usain Bolt's World Record Run
OK, so it's not a video game reenactment, but what the hell? This is genius of a kind that can only be produced by the Japanese. Who else can combine slapstick comedy, puppetry, and racially-insensitive black face?