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The 'Horse Name or Sex Act?' Quiz

Horse Name or Sex Act?

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, and 2010 contenders with such names as Devil May Care and Jackson Bend got us thinking how hard it is to tell the difference between a racing horse's given name and sex act. We've compiled the names of 10 actual competitive horses from past and present...and 10 disturbing things people do in the bedroom. See if you can tell which is which on the list below, then consult the answer key all the way at the bottom to see how big of a deviant you really are.

Horse Name or Sex Act?


[ANSWER KEY: A. Horse, B. Sex act, C. Sex act, D. Horse, E. Sex act, F. Horse, G. Sex act, H. Sex act, I. Horse, J. Sex act, K. Sex act, L. Sex act, M. Horse, N. Horse, O. Sex act, P. Horse, Q. Horse, R. Sex act, S. Horse, T. Horse]