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According to Billy Packer—the curmudgeon of college basketball commentators—Hillary Clinton does not have much of a chance with female voters. Apparently, Billy Packer, PhD., recently discovered this tidbit after conducting his own poll of women on the street. Combining elements of the Jay Leno's “Jay-Walking," and what must be innate statistical and political savvy, CBS reports that Packer walked up to 123 random adult females on the street and asked them if they were planning to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. Apparently, only three women were frightened enough of the hobgoblin, er, elder statesman of college basketball to run away. Those who stayed offered only six affirmative votes for the similarly-frightening Clinton.


Ever since he realized women could, indeed, work as ticket-takers at men's basketball games, Billy's been a champion of gender equity. What's next after canvassing women voters? Demanding their right to own property? What a prince!