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Bond Stuntman Traverses a River on the Backs of Crocodiles

Take a peek at some movie magic inHOLY SHIT THOSE ARE REAL CROCODILES.


Towards the end of the 1973 Bond flick Live and Let Die, our hero is being held captive at a crocodile farm by the ruthless Dr. Kananga, who plans to distribute two tons of free heroin from his chain restaurants in order to create an enormous number of addicts before raising the prices on the drug dramatically. We probably would have taken a step out of that plan (just sell the two tons of heroin, man), but if that's the evil dictator’s prerogative, c'est la vie.

Anyway, Bond crosses the river to escape the farm by Frogger-ing on the backs of three crocodiles. Considering the scene takes approximately 2.3 seconds of screen time, you would imagine that they used fake crocodiles. You also would have forgotten how crazy people were in the 1970s. But their loss is our gain, as we can now enjoy this admantium-balled stuntman who almost ends up as reptile lunch.

Yeah, live crocodiles. Put that in your computer-animated pipe and smoke it, Michael Bay.

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