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The Best Viewer-Created Doritos Super Bowl Ads

Each year, Doritos crowd-sources their Super Bowl ads from the viewers with a contest they call. And lo and behold, some of you degenerates actually have talent. Since its inception in 2006, Crash the Super Bowl has consistently produced quality spots, so we're taking a walk down memory lane with a look back at our favorite submissions over the years.

Duct Tape, 2006-2007

The inaugural year’s crop was predictably hit-and-miss. This finalist didn’t take home the prize, but it’s the closest to our heart.

Mouse Trap, 2007-2008

Doritos ran a different Crash the Super Bowl contest in 2007, instead promoting a singer to their Big Game ad. But they decided to run this spot (a finalist from the previous year) during the game as well.

FREE DORITOS, 2008-2009

One of the biggest hits in Super Bowl history, Free Doritos was made by two brothers from Indiana who were the first to win a private box at the game.

House Rules, 2009-2010

This gem somehow failed to land in the top three ads of year, but it’s still a winner to us.

House Sitting, 2010-2011

This ad fell victim to the popular Pug Attack, but it may be our favorite ad ever produced by the contest.

Man’s Best Friend 2011-2012

Let it be known that we don’t just favor the underdog; our pick from last year went to number one, taking home the grand prize.

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