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5 Must-Have Small Wonder Gadgets For Spring

For once, size truly does not matter.

Blade 350 QX Quadcopter
Getting your hands on a surveillance drone used to require high-level security clearance (or an Amazon account). This remote-controlled quadcopter comes with a GoPro-compatible dock for snagging floating footage.
Tern Eclipse S18
Folding bikes are easier to schlep around, but they tend to be way flimsy. Not this collapser. Like an eco-friendly Transformer, it’s designed to handle potholes and features an LED lighting system that wards off crash-happy drivers. Our fave feature: The seat post doubles as an air pump—just pop it off and blow some rubbers!
iPad Mini With Retina
Picking up a petite iPad Mini used to mean shaving off power and pixels. My, how things change. This update fires up a bleeding-edge A7 chip that allows for speedy graphics, while the 7.9-inch display now projects so many pixels, your eye can’t even see where one ends and another begins.
From $399,
Nano HiFi PNH2200
Time to toss your cabinet-hogging hi-fi. This hidable home stereo system is about the size of a tissue box yet still comes with every kind of connector you’d ever want. (We’re talking Bluetooth, iPhone dock, DVD/CD slot, USB jack.) Bonus: This shit is loud
Livescribe 3 Smartpen
Phones and tablets: great for crushing candy, not so great for typing notes. When you put this “smartpen” to special “dot paper,” it uses Bluetooth to beam a digital copy of your scrawls (along with any audio that’s flying through the air) to your device. It’s never been easier to share dong doodles!

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