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Altamont in the Living Room

Marshall Stanmore’s stylish speaker system proves that the amp specialists can throw a ear-splitting concert anywhere.

Marshall Stanmore
If you want a speaker that hides in a corner and chirps Simon and Garfunkel while you wash the dishes, head to the local big-box and grab whatever Bluetooth brick is on sale. But if you want a system you can crank up to eleven, the Marshall Stanmore is as rock-and-roll as you can get. Wrapped in cloth and faux leather like the company’s classic guitar amps, the 11-pound Stanmore is one sexy beast of a speaker. An 80-watt amplifier drives a pair of tweeters and a 5.25-inch woofer. Know what that means? It has at least double the power of your garden-variety Bluetooth speaker—which is what you’d expect from a brand worshipped by the likes of Pete Townshend. You’ll miss out on the deep, throbbing bass you’d get with a subwoofer, but no one buys a Marshall subtlety. Volume is everything. [$400;]

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