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Fat Geeky Guy Reviews: Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast

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Star Rating: 
10 out of 10

 Probably better than any Ghostbusters 3 script out there.

The Pitch: You’re a Ghostbuster, hunting augmented reality ghosts in your house and neighborhood using your iPhone.

What It Really Is: Totally amazing. XMG Studios has done an incredible job, combining the iconic Ghostbusters franchise with state-of-the-art, augmented reality gaming. The app uses your iPhone’s camera and what has to be alien technology to put completely convincing 3D ghosts in your living room. Use your Proton Pack to lasso the ghouls, then lock them up using the trap. Actual local maps point the way to your next Ghostbusting job. press-ready Blurb: “Who you gonna call? You!” -

Who’s it for: Fans of the Ghostbusters movie (not movies, I try not to acknowledge the second one) and anyone who wants to experience augmented reality ghosts in their bedroom. No, the sexy “BJ ghost” is not included, but I like where your head’s at.

What’s Extra Cool: GPS and augmented reality combined - brings the game to you – your actual location becomes the game map, and your surroundings, the board. We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

What’s Missing: The BJ Ghost. All this augmented reality technology – it’s the least you could do.


Official Site: Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast


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