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Fat Geeky Guy Reviews: Keek

Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

It’s Twitter for the illiterate.  


The pitch:  The easiest and fastest way to share video updates with your mobile phone or PC.


What it really is: Twitter, but with video. Instead of writng, "I'm having a salad," now you can just show your friends the salad adventure! Addictive? Like crack dipped in chocolate. Good chocolate. Want to share that video of your kitty making funny human noises while watching Alf? Keek is for you. Want to browse other people’s saucy little videos? Sure you do…lurker! Although it rhymes with “geek”, Keek is actually extremely cool (not that geeks can’t be cool…asshole). Press-ready Blurb: “Keek is better than (and sounds like) cake!” –


Who's It For:  Uninhibited college girls (please, please, please), hyperactive social sharers, and celebrities. If you love YouTube I command you to try Keek – it’s a riot.

What's Extra Cool: Other people’s videos! It’s the ULTIMATE voyeuristic fun. Not that I like to troll around other people’s personal videos…just sayin’ It’s a VERY simple way of posting videos to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. 

What's Missing: A notification system. It’d be nice to know when something exceptionally awesome is uploaded. It might be nice to see some older people using Keek, as long as they’re fully clothed. (Uninhibited college girls, this rule does not apply to you.)

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