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Feed Your Debate Hangover

Post-debate letdown got you political junkies fiending for more? Get your fix with this new app.


Landov / Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012


If you’re hooked on politics, the US Election Race 2012 app is like a bottomless needle of sweet, sweet D.C. dope. The app features the latest election news, electoral vote forecast, and national polls as well as state-by-state polls. Know how your neighbor is going to vote before he does! Historical voting data is available for those who really like to get down to stats, while Twitter reaction is also a feature (warning: only use that feature if you have a high tolerance for all caps tweets like ROMNEY IS A RICH DICK!!!  Or OBAMACARE GAVE ME HEMORHOIDS!)


Get the US Election Race 2012 app for $0.99.


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