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iPhone Takes the Plunge

A 2,000 foot drop won’t stop you from getting your messages.

The team of non-existent researchers here at the Maxim offices tell us that over a billion phone cases were sold in 2012. Or was that over a million? Numbers aren’t really our strong suit. Point is, people drop their phones all the time...but they don’t usually do it from cruising altitude. Then again, most people don’t spend their time paragliding in Utah either.

Sure enough, there is an exception to every rule, and Chris Santacroce is that exception, being the only man to have his iPhone fall out of his pocket at 2,000 feet AND successfully recover it, through the use of cunning, wilderness skills, and an iPhone locator app. Remarkably, the phone was found intact and remains fully functional. 

Luckily for park conservationists, Chris only dropped an iPhone and not an old Nokia which, undoubtedly, would’ve created a huge crater in the Earth and killed all wildlife within a three-mile radius.

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Margarita Nazarenko



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