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MacGyver Has Been Reborn (As A Robot)

We just hope he still has an awesome theme song.

Photos Courtesy of Georgia Tech

Back in the 1980s, the world had a hero that may not have been able to fly like Superman, or even fire an AK-47 into a crowd without ever killing anyone like the A-Team, but he could probably find a way to accomplish it with nothing more than some ingenuity, resourcefulness, refrigerator freon, a 10-speed bicycle and some paper clips. Angus McGyver had an awesome power that could make superheroes jealous and gods weep: Any combination of random objects could save lives, punish the weak and deliver a power punch of justice to evil’s poorly guarded crotch. It didn’t matter the situation or the stakes, he could always create the ultimate tool more efficiently than a New Jersey warehouse full of Smirnoff Ice.

Photos Courtesy of Georgia Tech

Naturally, nations have tried to tap into this awesome power to no avail, but recently, the US Navy may have found a way: They've commissioned the Georgia Institute of Technology to build them a robotic MacGyver, and GIT may have done it. The “MacGyver bot” is smart enough to turn ordinary objects into a number of different tools or weapons for whatever the situations calls for in a number of different fields. It can identify random objects and use an advanced algorithm to alter the object to suit its needs in any given situation, whether that means picking up a pipe and using it as a lever to lift wreckage off a wounded solider, or using it as a weapon in self defense. Naturally, the Navy hopes to apply it to military uses to build parts and weapons in the field, but it can also fulfill a number of home uses as a cleaning or home care robot.

So just how smart is MacGyver 2.0 compared to the flesh and blood version? As far as we're concerned, it all comes down to how good they look in a montage over their theme song, and Georgia Tech have got a long way to go before they come up with anything as awesome as this: