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Putting the Amazon Fire Phone's 3D Camera to Work

What a difference a dimension makes.

Courtesy Amazon


While Apple and Samsung were busy battling for smart phone supremacy, Amazon snuck into the ring. The massive online retailer's muscular new Fire Phone boasts plenty of competitive features - lot's of storage, a barcode reader, improved streaming video - but Jeff Bezos clearly thinks that 3D is the ultimate haymaker. His device's five-camera array for taking 3D pictures is paired with a motion-sensing 3D display. The press conference in Seattle was eye-popping, but we won't know if the phone is a heavyweight or a glass-jawed pretender until it actually hits the market. What we do know is that, when we get our hands on one, these are the first pics we'll be taking with its 3D camera.


Courtesy Amazon


The Selfie
We don't even like the idea of the selfie, much less that terrible song about them, but we're also realists and we know the first thing we're shooting with a 3D camera is ourselves. We'll take the Fire Phone out of the box, set up our account, ogle the 3D display for a moment... and then turn to a mirror, flex our pecs and hope we're as good-looking in three dimensions as we suspect.


The Celebrity Candid
When we were too young to understand the conceptual difference between a television and a fishbowl, we held out hope that we might be able to step into the television and hang out with Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway on the set of Fox's short-lived Get Real. Next generation cameras will get us one step closer to that dream and you better believe that paparazzi are going to be buying them up by the armful. Tabloids may have to start paying by the dimension.


The Underwater Shot
We don't even care if there's a waterproof case for the Amazon Fire Phone or not, we're tossing that sucker into a Ziploc bag and going diving. The novelty of underwater photography basically guarantees a great set of pics, the novelty of 3D underwater shots guarantees minds will be blown.


The Postcard Pic
We'll be honest: It's not enough to go to Fiji. If we're going to drop coin, spend 18 hours on a plane, and lose a day of our life to the International Date Line, we want to rub it in our friends' faces. The first thing we're doing after we arrive at Malalo Island Resort is snapping a shot of Mount Batilamu looming over Nadi Bay. Godzilla is the only guy who should be flattening the Pacific Rim.


The Next-Gen Glamour Portrait
The early adopters of 3D camera tech are going to spend a lot of time taking pictures of their friends to show them what they look like rendered in multi-faceted glory. We don't view that as a bad thing. We look forward to walking down bikini-friendly beaches speaking loudly of our new phone's futuristic functionality and hoping for beautiful eavesdroppers.

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