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Say Hello To The iPhone 5S And 5C!

Apple announces a double dose of devices.

Photo courtesy of Apple

It’s starting to feel a lot like fall. No, not just because classes have started or the weather is cooling down, but because Apple just announced their new iPhone offerings for the year. In an unprecedented move, this year brings with it two new iPhone models that are so beautiful and sleek, you’ll probably drop it and crack the screen within the first week of having it in your pocket.

Photo courtesy of Apple

The iPhone 5S (shown above) continues the half-step tradition of annual iPhones. This year’s flagship model touts all the 4G data and big screen goodness that Apple integrated into last year’s iPhone 5, but adds a fingerprint scanning home button that will simultaneously add a new layer of security to a device where your entire virtual life resides—as well as cold, hard evidence for when the NSA tries to haul you off to Guantanamo. Worth it, we think, if you hate constantly entering your four-digit unlock code or your iTunes password every time you wanna update an app. The iPhone 5S also bumps up to a 64-bit A7 processor that will tear through game graphics, and enables the upgraded camera sensor to do neat stuff like 720p slo-mo video capture on the fly. We’re bracing for the flood of YouTube videos of people making asses of themselves at 120 fps. And when we say bracing, we mean we can’t friggin’ wait.


The surprise addition to the lineup is the budget-priced iPhone 5C (shown below), which Apple expects to supplant the iPhone 5, mainly because it shares almost identical specs. The 5C is the first iPhone to be available in a wide variety of colors beyond black and white, sports a somewhat goofy but durable plastic casing, and will also give owners access to the uber-fast 4G networks. It can be had for 99 bucks, provided you pledge your love (and money) to a cellular carrier for the next two years.

Photo courtesy of Apple


Both new iPhones (as well as iPhone 4, 4S, and 5) will benefit from the better-across-the-board iOS7 upgrade that’ll be pushed out from Apple’s cloud on September 18th. We’re fans of the snazzy-looking OS upgrade, with its new Command Center, iTunes Radio, file-sharing features, and streamlined multi-tasking being the highlights we’ve found most useful. The redesign is not without a learning curve though. It took us a solid week to figure out that our Spotlight search bar is now so well integrated into the system that we couldn’t find it. (Don’t cry for us, we found it eventually.)

Photo courtesy of Apple

Will Apple’s latest suite of hardware be worth camping out to get? Keep an eye out for that answer once we get our grubby mitts on it.


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