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Forget The Fake Hoverboard Video: This Bacon-Smell Alarm Clock Commercial Is Amazing

Who doesn’t want to be woken up by bacon?

Earlier this week, several million people lost their minds when Funny Or Die released this video into the wilds of the Internet:

Now, if you’re one of the people who actually believed that the technology to make things magically float had been invented, and that its first application would be a piece of novelty movie merchandise, well, maybe you should have stayed in school. If you simply appreciated just how well the video was made (and its funny follow up apology), then congratulations on not being a massive dumbass.


As good as the video was, however, we’re far, far more interested in this commercial from Oscar Mayer, which has to be a prank just because it is advertising an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of frying bacon and surely that is just too good to be true?

If it is a prank, they’re going above and beyond with it, giving it its own website and its own space on the iTunes store. The app just gives you the sound of bacon, sadly, but if you apply on the Oscar Mayer site by April 4, you can apparently win one of the scent-releasing devices (the only way to get one, since they’re not for sale). Again, the whole thing just seems wildly unlikely, but hey, if people can start foaming at the mouth for a clearly-fake hoverboard, we can be forgiven for getting a little excited about a magic bacon-smell device.


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