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The Best Apps

Our picks for the best in life helpers and time killers.



Forget the red envelopes—stream movies and TV shows directly to your phone. The app allows you to browse movies and pick up wherever you left off at home. So long, books. $7.99 a month



This comprehensive fitness app comes with 280 exercises, a tracking system for strength and cardio routines, a workout history by muscle, and tons of other features that stop just short of actually running on the treadmill for you. $3.99


Find Craft Beer
Thanks to GPS and a wealthy database of brewpubs, breweries, and beer stores, this app will take you exactly where your favorite micobrews are poured and sold. $0.99


Turn your phone into an effects pedal and amp! The addition of an interface adapter lets you plug in your ax and select from stomp box effects and microphones. You can record your own music or jam along to your favorite songs from your iPod library. $20


This app lets you check into Foursquare when you post a photo with a location, view the most popular pics around the world from all Instagram users, and generally welcome in an all- around invasion of privacy! Free


Unblock Me
No, this won’t get that girl you creeped out to unblock you on AIM. But with 7,800 puzzles and four difficulty levels, it’ll certainly distract you from the pending restraining order, as you’ll spend hours rearranging rectangular blocks. It’s fun, seriously! $0.99


Sunday Lawn
Cutting the grass is anything but dull when you’ve got to deal with angry hedgehogs, giant piles of dog crap, and various other obstacles. Tend to the dangerous lawns of suburbia with this addictive game—it’ll mow you away! $0.99


Bounce Bullet Pro
Go on an ammo-efficient killing spree, using your knowledge of physics to take out as many bystanders as possible by ricocheting bullets off of random objects. Too violent for ya? Shoot at lollipops instead. $0.99




Give the gift of obesity! Add an extra chin or two to your obnoxious boss and post the results on Facebook for a good chuckle. And immediate termination. $0.99




Froggy Jump
Take your platform-leaping skills to the extreme with Froggy Jump, where the sky is not the limit. Like having an endlessly packed bong, the idea is to get as high as you can, unlocking new levels and cool pimpin’ outfits for your amphibian. Eat it, Frogger! Free

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