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The Fat Geeky Guy’s Food & Drink App Round Up

Never get stuck arguing over where to go (and who pays) ever again.

Tab App - Chops up bills like the Iron Chef


The Pitch: Split up complicated dinner or drinks bills without a spreadsheet or a Rhodes Scholar nearby. 

What It Really Is: Alien technology. Here’s how it works: Take a picture of the entire dinner bill with the Tab app and the magical Tab gnomes inside your phone process the picture, and punch out a list of every single item (you pig, you!). Each person then selects the stuff they ordered, and…..BAM! Tab calculates exactly how much you have to fork over (pun…don’t hate).

Who It's for: If you eat or drink a lot in groups, or have someone in your crew who always orders lobster at the diner, Tab makes that massive bill fair and manageable. Tab is also perfect for scaring off a bad first date – just hand her the phone and say the magic words, “Let’s go Dutch!”

What’s Extra Cool: You can choose to split the cost of individual items if you shared it with someone - Tab calculates everything, including the tip. Being a cheapskate has never been easier!

What’s Missing: All the complaining about how much I eat. Enjoy your salad - I’m having the steak for two, for one.

Price: Free, you bill splitting cheap-o.

Download: Android / iOS

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Beer Buddy App - You’re A Barstool Beerologist

The Pitch: Get beer reviews, and rate and remember your favorite suds right on your iPhone

What It Really Is: Awesome. 300,000+ beers at your fingertips (no, not literally, fool). Simply scan a beer’s barcode using your iPhone, and Beer Buddy instantly gives you ratings and tons of reviews – never drink another bad brew!

Who It's For: Wine enthusiasts? Meh. BEER! BEER! For serious beer experts and n00bs alike, Beer Buddy makes it easy to find the perfect pint – search by country, season, or beer style, or check out the 50 top-rated brewskies. Norm would be proud.

What’s Extra Cool: Beer Buddy is great for remembering those amazing beers you had last night – even if you remember very little else. Beer Buddy keeps a “My Beers” list of your favorite frothy finds, and you can add to your list of beers to try from the massive Beer Buddy database. Perfect for the Beer Santa!

What’s Missing: Beerfinder. I’d love to know where I can buy a six-pack of a particular brew, or what beers are on tap at a nearby bar. Also: get cracking on that Beer Santa deal. Please. I’ve been nice. Make it happen. Big boys need presents, too - cold, frosty presents.

Price: $3.99

Download: iOS

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Matchbook App: Bookmarks For Your Favorite Haunts  

The Pitch: Keep track of all your favorite restaurants, bars, and hotspots.

What It Really Is: Better than a trail of breadcrumbs! Matchbook stores and organizes all the great places you come across and want to remember. Don’t come across great places? Maybe you should consider getting out more! You can also search Matchbook for what’s nearby, and add pictures and notes for anyplace you think is worth coming back to. Never forget the location of that quaint possum-jerky shack again!

Who It's For: “OMG! You’re going to New York? I know the BEST pizzeria…I just wish I could remember WHERE it was! I think it was called ‘Ray’s’ or something…it’s somewhere downtown – use Google - I’m sure you’ll find it!” End the pain. 

What’s Extra Cool: You can share places you find with friends (or enemies…see below) via email or text message right from the Matchbook app. You can also add notes and tags so you can easily find it later (#hotbartenderwithfunnyboobs).

What’s Missing: Ratings! While I love a surprise, it’d be great to find out beforehand if dinner and tequila at that tiny taquería is going to mean another long night on the bathroom floor. I might go anyway, but at least I’d prep the cleaning lady.

Price: Free

d: iOS

Rating: 4.5/5.0

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