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The Philips Wake-Up Light: Making Your Mornings Bearable

Sick of rude awakenings? Then this is the gadget for you.


In our dream world, we would stay in bed all day. We would do it even if it actually made things more difficult for us, to be honest - if we could get through daily life in our pajamas while never straying more than two feet from a pillow, our lives would be amazing. Sadly, that's not possible (we know, we tried), so we're going to try a less traumatic manner of waking up, instead, with the Philips Wake-Up Light. The compact clock gently begins to lighten up 30 minutes before your set wake up time, mimicking a sunrise and slowly preparing your brain to enter the waking world. Compare that to the shrill, awful sound of your current alarm slicing its way through your ears at 6AM, and we think you'll agree, this is a far superior option.


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