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The Robot That Will Follow You Anywhere

We wrote about Boston Dynamics’ Alpha Dog way back in our June issue, but since then, the Legged Support System has been refined, improved and given the ability to follow a human being by sight. This is awesome for many reasons – it can haul supplies for troops in the field, as well as helping carry injured soldiers to safety – but the sight of this thing crawling agonisingly up steep hills and blindly trotting 50 paces behind its human master, as if expecting to be turned away at any moment, makes us feel weirdly sorry for it. We want to give it its own TV show, where it wanders from town to town, trying to right wrongs but always ending up blamed for crimes it didn’t commit and having to hit the road once more. Combined with the sad walking-away music from the end of the Incredible Hulk TV show, the following video would make a perfect title sequence...


Watch this video:


While listening to this one:

It’s ok. We won’t tell anyone you cried.


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