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5 Wireless Speakers for Summer Fun

Whatever your needs, when it comes to party rocking all summer long, there's a speaker for that.


Best for Getting Weird in Tijuana: Geneva Labs’ Model S Wireless Speaker, $299.95

Compact yet sleek, the Model S Wireless from Swiss audio leader Geneva Labs is an advanced all-in-one Bluetooth speaker that also contains an FM radio, digital alarm clock, and two digital amps. In short, this ain’t your grandma’s travel alarm clock. Though it weighs around 7 pounds, it is travel friendly, and is especially worthwhile for longer trips. Double bass ports and individually powered speakers ensure high-quality streaming audio, and a beautiful LED display and TouchLight controls ensure that even if you don’t get lucky with the ladies, there’ll be at least one sexy thing hanging out in your shitty motel room this summer.

Best for Pretending to Work From Home: Native Union, $149.99

Available in five colors (and seemingly designed by someone with a serious appreciation for LEGOs), this portable Bluetooth speaker also functions as a conference call unit and phone charger—making it ideal for those summer Fridays when you want people to believe you are actually dialing-in to that wretched budget meeting from the office, and not playing hooky on the beach. The Bluetooth connectivity works at a range of up to 30 feet, which means you can run around the yard with your phone in your pocket and not worry about interruptions in your music. It also has an absurd battery life, with the capacity to alternate between music and calls for up to 14 hours, and will charge any USB device.


Best for Watching Porn Video on Your Tablet: Sound Cylinder, $199

Can we all just agree that an iPad is basically just a jumbo-sized iPhone without all those pesky calling features? Yes? Great. Still, when it comes to watching video on-the-go, nothing compares to a tablet—except for its mediocre sound quality, which always necessitated the use of headphones. Until now. This beauty of a speaker is so aesthetically pleasing, it could have been designed by Apple itself (in fact, it bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s own iSight webcam...). It's compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device and is equipped with separate L/R speakers plus a sweet woofer for terrific wireless sound quality. It also does double-duty as a retractable kickstand when clamped onto your tablet or laptop, so it's particularly well-suited for watching, um, whatever it is you want to watch.

Best for Getting Stoned in a Drum Circle: Grain Audio PWS, $249

Perhaps our favorite of the devices we sampled, think of the Grain Audio PWS as the indie darling of Bluetooth speakers. No, that doesn’t mean it has a moustache. But it is the brainchild of Grain Audio, a Kickstarter-funded venture that is just getting off the ground, with the first batch of pre-orders slated to ship in July. This speaker’s solid walnut wood paneling is classy as hell, and because the wood contains natural variations, no two units are the same. Though it’s fairly small and minimalist in design, it packs a punch when it comes to sound, and is equipped with technology specifically geared toward maintaining the integrity of the music. The PWS is the speaker that’s currently presiding over our living room—not that we get high in a drum circle in our living room, but only because drum circles are the worst.


Best for Partying Like a Monster: UE Boom, $199.99

Hey, are you a degenerate? A degenerate who really likes music? Fantastic. Then you’re going to need this super-durable yet sleek speaker, which is water and stain resistant, and features 360-degree sound technology to ensure the same listening experience no matter what position you’re in, in relation to the device. So go ahead, champ: fall asleep in the kiddie pool! Do an extended keg stand! Explore new sexual positions in weird places! Just be sure to factor in a break every 15 hours to recharge the UE Boom’s battery. And reevaluate your life.

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